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Basic Seminar 講員: Bill Gothard

講 座 為 教 會 與 會 眾 帶 來 的 益 處 :
* 可 為 牧 者 提 供 教 導 課 題
* 是 教 會 外 展 的 一 把 鑰 匙
* 是 輔 導 員 的 訓 練 課 程
* 是 初 信 者 的 栽 培 班
* 為 教 會 造 就 具 品 格 的 領 袖
* 幫 助 青 少 年 勝 過 試 探,憤 怒,惡 習 …
* 化 解 家 庭 的 衝 突,建 立 健 全 的 人 際 關 係
* 能 推 動 會 友 對 教 會 的 投 入 與 承 諾


What Can the Basic Seminar Do For the Church?
* Provide a concentrated, Scriptural, balanced emphasis on foundations to living the dynamic Christian life
* Aid the pastor in his teaching ministry with a complete presentation of the foundations of the Christian life
* Provide a means of outreach into the community for church members whose lives have been touched by the seminar emphasis
* Give teens a reason for the "rules" they so often hear
* Provide counseling background to help those who are searching get to the root of their problems
* Challenge church members to deepen their commitment and relationship to Christ through self-examination
* Increase the faith of church members as they hear testimony after testimony of God's working supernaturally through obedient Christians

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